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Internship in Valencia

Internship in Valencia

An internship in Valencia

Besides of offering Spanish language courses, we can also offer you an internship in Valencia. Having an internship is the best option to use your knowledge about the Spanish language and culture. You can also combine your Spanish language course with an internship. We will arrange a complete work experience for you down to the finest details. That means including accommodation, an internship in a sector chosen by you, a language course if required, and a life experience that you will never forget. This is the reason why our motto is ‘No organizamos practicas, organizamos experiencas’. This means that we do not only arrange a suitable work experience, but we will exert ourselves to guarantee you to have a great life experience during your time here. Fulfilling your wishes is our business.

Sectors internship in Valencia

The opportunities for internships with us are extensive. We offer a suitable internships for a large range of studies, including:

Marketing Finance  Tourism
Communication Import/export  Social Work
Event Management Trade

Our working method

Our operating procedure is different than the procedure of many other organizations. We will search an internship on base of your ideas and wishes about the sector, company and tasks. So we do not want to fill our vacancies, we want you to be comfortable with your perfect internship placement in Valencia. Because of our extensive experience and regular contact with our companies and international schools, we can offer a placement very quickly for a very competitive cost. Even more important, for all our students we guarantee ‘no place, no pay‘. This means that you only have to pay for all services if you are placed for the perfect internship. Please contact us to find the perfect internship in Valencia.

Costs internship in Valencia

These are the estimated final costings for an internship:

Internship Agency Fee € 484,00 once
Accommodation Single bed € 280,00 per month
Double bed € 325,00 per month
Host family € 170,00 per week


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