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Morgan (UK, Newcastle): “I love the atmosphere in this school. Studying here is the fastest and very nice way to learn to speak Spanish.”


Language school Hispania in Valencia

About language school Hispania

In 2002, a beautiful Spanish villa was transformed into one of the most modern language schools in Valencia. Every year language school Hispania in Valencia has over the 2000 students from all over of the world. The school is located near the University of Valencia and is one of the most popular language schools in the city. Not only the Spanish language is taught to the students, but they also get acquainted with the Spanish culture and student life. You can meet new students by joining the many activities that are organized every day. The school has a large roof terrace where you can drink something and relax on its loungers in between your lessons. Language school Hispania in Valencia provides 10 lecture rooms and a library where you can use computers for free.

The teachers of Hispania are the key to its success. They are young, enthusiastic and all fully qualified.  With their passion for teaching combined with the latest teaching techniques, they make the lessons: dynamic, interactive and fun! The quality of the teachers and teaching methods is also reflected in the annual DELE exam results, with a pass rate of over 90%.

Why choose language school Hispania?

✓ Flexible times and duration of courses
✓ All course levels available during the whole year
✓ Opportunity to catch up on missed lessons
✓ Free learning material and no registration fee
✓ Special offers on long duration courses
✓ Fixed price without unwelcome surprises

Salsa and flamenco lessons Guided tour in the city of Valencia Visit to Morella
Football and volleyball matches Spanish cooking lessons Visit  to Calpe beach
Bowling Visit to museums Excursions to Aquarama
Attendance to plays, concerts and dances Visit to popular celebrations nearby Valencia Trips to Madrid, Barcelona and Mallorca
International dinners School parties (Christmas, DELE)
Courses & Prices

General Course
This is the ideal course to learn all aspects of the Spanish language. The students learn Spanish language through the study of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, listening and reading comprehension, spelling and conversation. The purpose of this course is to provide the student the necessary skills in order to speak correctly, understand texts and write texts properly. They offer extensive courses (2 or 3 days per week, from 4 up to 6 hours per week) or intensive courses (5 days per week, 10 or 20 hours per week).

Course for specific purposes
These Spanish courses from Hispania are focused on the learning of a specific Spanish related to tasks or professions. In order to study this course, it is necessary to have a minimum level B1 of the European Common Framework. If you are interested in one of these specific courses, please contact us. Hispania offers the following types of Spanish courses for specific purposes:

Spanish for Business Spanish for Air Hostess Spanish and Catering
Spanish for Tourism Spanish and Latino American Literature Spanish History
Spanish for Law Spanish Art Spanish Cinema

Private course
These private lessons from language school Hispania are “customized” lessons. The teachers focus on every single aspect of the Spanish language that the student wishes to improve. This is the perfect course for students who want to learn as much as possible in a short period of time.

DELE Preparation Course
This is the specific Spanish course for passing the DELE exam. There are five examinations per year on six different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2). The preparation is based on DELE exams from other years.  You can choose between an extensive plus course from 6 hours (8 weeks, 3 days a week) or an intensive course (10 or 20 hours a week, 5 days a week for 4 or 8 weeks). Check dates for the DELE examinations here.

Holiday courses (20 hours)
These Spanish holiday courses are designed for those students who would like to improve their knowledge of Spanish for a limited number of weeks while, at the same time, enjoying a wonderful holiday in Spain. The course is a combination of Spanish language lessons and excursions, cultural activities and a lot of fun. The holiday course includes 20 hours of lessons per week, a guided tour in the city, 1 excursion and 3 activities per week and several lessons at the beach.

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