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Language school Intereuropa in Valencia

About language school Intereuropa

Language school Intereuropa in Valencia was founded in 1998 and is located in the historic heart of the city. You can walk to the shopping area and the train station in 5 minutes. The school is surrounded by typical Spanish bars and restaurants. Languageschool Intereuropa has 10 air-conditioned classrooms, a social area where you can drink a coffee, a library and a video room where you can watch Spanish films.

The language programmes from Language school Intereuropa in Valencia allow you to become part of the local culture. Their aim is to offer students the very highest quality of Spanish courses and they guarantee you the best organization, in order to learn the language in an efficient and fun way. Their teaching method is dynamic, active and is based on conversational practice from the start.

Why choose language school Intereuropa?

✓   Medium-sized school
✓   All teachers hold a degree and are trained to teach Spanish
✓   They have an varied activity programme
✓   Small groups of students with a limit of 10 students
✓   Books are included in the price
✓   All students receive a certificate upon finishing the course

Day trips Excursions Cooking demonstrations
Visits of cultural interest Sport Dinners
Courses & Prices

General course (20 hours)
This course will concentrate on all of the fundamental language learning skills including reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each day you will attend 4 hours of lessons. Each hour takes 50 minutes. You will attend classes in the morning from 09.30 until 13.10. The first part of the lessons will focus on grammar, the second will focus on conversation. You can choose from 6 different levels on this course: from beginner to advanced levels, and this choice is based on the Cervantes Institute programme.

Super intensive course (25 hours)
This course gives you the 20 hours of general Spanish lessons plus 5 hours of conversation lessons and cultural lessons. Each day you will attend 5 hours of lessons and you will attend classes in the morning from 09.30 until 14.10. The first part of the lessons are focused on grammar, the second on conversation and the third part is focused on the Spanish culture.

Private course
These private lessons are available for any level and is adapted to each student’s needs. You decide the number of classes you want to take and what they focus on. Each hour takes 60 minutes. If you are interested in private lessons at Intereuropa, please contact us.

DELE preparation course (25 hours)
This is the specific course to prepare students for the DELE exams organized by Instituto Cervantes. The length of the course is from 1 to 6 weeks. You will attend lessons in the morning from 09.30 until 14.10. Prices differ between the different levels. Examination fee is not included. You have to book this course at least 6 weeks before the exam. Check dates for the DELE examinations here.

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