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Meet the amazing city of Valencia, find out what Valencia offers in terms of culture, architecture, sports and events!


Valencia is with 800.000 inhabitants the third largest city of Spain. The city is located at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and welcomes around 7 million tourists each year. Valencia is well known because of its paella, which orginally comes from this city. This beautiful city is also well known for its wonderful Meditertanean climate. The average annual temperature is around above 20°C with warm summers and very mild winters. There are many nice restaurants and tapas bars in the city center and the boulevard where you can fully enjoy the nice weather. Valencia is a city that offers a variety of culture, architecture, beaches and a vibrant nightlife. We will give you an overview with the best hotspots in Valencia, selected by us, to make sure that you will visit the best parts of the city.

Hotspots in Valencia

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Private tour in Valencia

You are a student or an intern in Valencia. There might be a chance that your family would like to visit. After a few weeks you know where the cathedral is situated and maybe even the Torres de Serranos, but wouldn’t it be nice to show your family the real and authentic Valencia? A fun and quick way to discover Valencia is with a private guide.

Book a private guide and you can choose the type of tour, the duration and the place. Not only your family (or friends) will get to know Valencia in a special way, you too will be a Valencia expert after the tour. Discover the funky and trendy neighbourhood Ruzafa, or get to know the authentic city centre. With an English speaking official guide you will experience the real Valencia. Or, maybe you do not want to be your family’s private guide for the day, then you can treat your family to a city tour.

Go to this website for more information and to book a private tour through Valencia. Not interested in walking and talking? Another option is to order one of the digital routes.

Tours Valencia - Private tour in Valencia

Book a bike

There is no better way to discover Valencia then by bike! With a nice sunshine and a fresh breeze you can visit beautiful places like the Albufera, Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias or any other place around Valencia. There is a suitable bike for everybody, young or old, big or small. Besides renting bikes it is now possible to book tickets for the most spectacular sights of Valencia. Rent a bike and book a ticket at the same time and receive a great discount (a folding bike is included in this deal). Click on the image beneath to see the entire assortment.


Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia is a unique, modern complex. It is one of the most famous sights of Valencia. This complex is made up of five main elements: the Hemisfèric (IMAX cinema and digital projections), the Umbracle (a viewpoint and car park), the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum (an innovative centre of interactive science), the Oceanográfico (the largest aquarium in Europe) and the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (other arts and culture-related activities).

Bioparc is a beautiful African zoo in Valencia and has many African animals and plants. It has 4.000 animals belonging to 250 species. The animals at Bioparc are not locked up in small cages, they have the space to live and to walk around free. The visitors and the animals are not separated by fences, but by natural component like a river. Thus, you have the like you are walking through an African natural park.

Mercado central
The central market of Valencia is an important place for the sale of fresh products and a major cultural and touristic attraction, not only for foreign visitors but also for the people of Valencia. Mercado central is the biggest market in Europe; it has over 300 market stalls! The openings hours are from 8.00 until 14.30 every Monday until Saturday.

Catedral de Valencia y el Miguelete
When you take a close look, from different sides, at the Cathedral, you can see the cathedral is composed of different styles such as Romanesque, Gothic and Moorish. This is due to the several conquests in history. Inside the cathedral there is a lot to see, such as the altar and the chapter house. The high Gothic tower is called Miguelete. When you climb this tower you will have a beautiful view over the city of Valencia.

Jardines de Turia
The Jardines de Turia is the former riverbed of the Turia River. As the river seriously flooded in 1957, the government decided to drain the river and use the space for something else. There were several options, but ultimately the government chose for a park. Since then, the riverbed has been transformed into a mixture of playing fields, cycling & walking paths, and gardens. The park has a length of about 5,6 miles (9 km) and is located straight through the city.

Plaza de Toros
The Plaza de Toros is a beautiful building that resembles Rome’s Colosseum. At the time it was built, it was the largest bullfighting arena of Spain! Nowadays, the bullring of Valencia is considered among the safest and most comfortable arenas in Spain, providing wide cement seats for up to 10,500 spectators.

Plaza Ayuntamiento
Adjacent to the Plaza Ayuntamiento (Town Hall Square) are the Ayuntamiento (town hall) and the Palacio de Correos y Telégrafos (main post office). You can take a look inside both buildings. When you are at the post office, do not forget to look at the ceiling; you will see the coat of arms of Valencia.

Mestalla, Valencia FC
Valencia has two clubs in the Spanish premier league La Liga: FC Valencia and Levante UD. The players in La Liga are among the best in the world and are treated as heroes. The most famous and most successful football club in Valencia is FC Valencia. This club was founded in 1919 and has been playing in La Liga for many years. The stadium of FC Valencia is called Mestalla. This stadium is located in the center of the city and is known for its steep tribunes. In addition to attending a match, it is also possible to get a guided tour of the Mestalla stadium.


In Valencia’s most famous park, which is situated throughout the city, there are several football fields. You can hire a field with some friends and start you own league or join a team and enjoy the Spanish football. To do this sport activity you need a sport card.

Join Xaloc hockey club
Xaloc is the youngest club in Valencia and therefore this club is the perfect choice for students. With Xaloc you can play serious hockey with a laugh for any period during your stay in Valencia. There are men and women teams playing in different levels and depending on the level you can train 1, 2 or 3 times a week.

Interested in a Spanish hockey experience?
Visit the club website:
Check Xaloc on Facebook: club de hockey Xaloc Valencia


Fallas of Valencia
Las Fallas is an annual festival week (between 15th and the 19th of March) with fireworks, food stalls, decorated dolls and bonfires to celebrate the beginning of spring. Each district makes its own falla (doll) for the Fallas parade. Every day at 2 p.m. you can hear the Mascleta. This is firework show at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The last day, all the Fallas (dolls) will be burned.

Tomatina festival is an event that takes place in a town near Valencia, Buñol. The town is located around 19 miles (30 km) from Valencia. Thousands of visitors are pelting each other with 10.000 tomatoes, until the town has turned into a real battlefield. The festival is held every year on the third Wednesday of August.

Valencia Fashion week
Valencia is not only the third largest city in Spain; it’s also an important center of fashion and culture. Twice a year, around September and March, the city comes alive with fashionistas from around the globe who are in town for Valencia Fashion Week. The VFW is an important platform for (young) designers, national and international, to exhibit their new collections.

Moto GP
The Circuito de la Comunitat Valenciana was completed in 1999 and held rounds of the MotoGP and Spanish Motorcycle Championships in the same year. Nowadays, MotoGP Valencia traditionally closes the MotoGP season. This Grand Prix race attracts a huge amount of visitors each year.

Tennis 500
The Valencia Open 500 is part of the ATP World Tour. This tournament takes place in the Agora building, part of the Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias. The indoor tennis tournament is played on hard courts. The Agora building provides seats for 6,300 people. The tournament usually takes place at the end of October.

Feria de Julio
Every city or town in Spain has its own annual fair. These fairs, known as ‘ferias’, are carnivals packed full of celebrations, drinking and dancing. In Valencia, the feria is spread throughout the city, with cultural activities and spectacles. The highlights of the Valencia feria are the ‘battle of the flowers’ (last Sunday of the month), the International Musical Band Competition (first two weeks of the month), Feria de San Jaime bullfights (second and third weeks) and the zarzuela (a Spanish light opera).

Semana Santa
Semana Santa literally means “Holy week”. Spain is a Catholic country and all holy holidays are celebrated big. Semana Santa is the second biggest fiesta in Valencia after Las Fallas. In the week before Easter, there will be several processions that tell the story of Jesus’ last week on earth.

Día de la Comunidad Valenciana
The city of Valencia is founded in 1238. They celebrate the foundation every year on the 9th of October. Every year the mayor, the Cabinet, the clergy, the military and other groups are joining a procession. During this procession the “senyera” is carried, the original Valencian flag.